With too many projects to mention across a range of skillsets, Benjamin Finger’s latest release sees him put down his writers pen and directors hat to focus on this warm, adventurous and mature release.

There are multiple ingredients and influences in evidence across the four pieces as he brings together busy ambience with electro-acoustic and modern classical elements. Recorded and mixed in Oslo, Into Light is a classy meld of analogue synths, guitar and field recordings with vocals by Inga-Lill Farstad and cello by Elling Finnanger Snøfugl. A deliberate symmetry is at play in the albums breakdown into two short pieces followed by two sprawling tracks that build up like a slow movement towards a point of no return.

‘A Glimpse’ sees the A-side open with a balmy piece of noisy ambience before taking a steadier approach on the more epic piece to follow. Clocking in at nearly 19 minutes, ‘Gravity’s Jest’ builds gradually with a wash of cello, guitar and sweeping atmospheric noise. Inga-Lill Farstad (Children And Corpse Playing In The Streets) makes her first appearance in the last third of the track with some airy ghostly refrains, her contribution from the school of voice as instrument as opposed to deliverer of set lyrics.

‘Into Light’begins the B-side with a wonderful piece of droning ambience. Yes there’s a lot of it about but not always done this well. The standard of the recording shines through again and Lawrence English’s mastering helps every frequency sing to its full potential.

‘Paradox Route’ finishes the album with a final epic where elements heard in the previous pieces come together in a hazy weave of voice, instrumentation and analog colours that feel like a warm embrace from your headphones. Perfect listening for those long winter nights and huddled early morning commutes ahead.

Into Light is available as a limited edition 12” pressed up by Dublin Vinyl using the new Warmtone pressing machines. Digital available as always.