Seasons (pre-din)

Seasons (pre-din) has been making and releasing music since the 2000’s. He fully emerged in 2007 and went on to release a string of well received ambient and drone albums on his own Thy-Rec imprint, Mystery Sea and the outstanding Type label.

While remaining steadfastly removed from the endless social media bluster there were many opportunities to experience his work via his output on everything from handmade CD-R packages to vinyl releases. Live shows were in plentiful supply too where you could catch him playing alongside everyone from Richard Skelton and Xela to Jaspar TX and Stars of the Lid.

In recent times he has placed more of an emphasis on producing dark eerie video projects to complement the increasingly rhythmical nature of his later output.

Seasons Forwind debut - Distortion of the Cell - continues down the darker more abrasive paths explored on his 2012 release Lesser and Still and 2017's hiatus ending Kill-Sweep.


Seasons (pre-din)


Manchester, UK


2007 - 2024

Releases on Forwind Distortion Of The Cell - FWD26

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