Rune Clausen

Rune Clausen has released a number of limited edition releases under different names (Clausen, Strawberry King). His initial musical loves came from the British indie scene with bands like The Smiths and The Cure ever present. Gradually this morphed into a love for darker instrumentals inspired by artists like David Lynch, Harold Budd, Biosphere and the ambient black metal style.

In 2017 Rune Clausen and Anders Brørby released “Mannen Faller” (The Man Falls), a tribute to Norwegian forests and animals. Rune is obsessed with birds, trees and old forests and uses a lot of field recordings from nature in his music.

“Tones Jul” is the follow up to “Mannen Faller”, a tribute to the long gone Norwegian forests, its animals and people living there in both fear and joy. On this new album there is less joy and more fear. Tones Jul is influenced by old Norwegian folk music, black metal, ambient and a small dose of Celtic new-age. What the album is really about is better left untold...


Rune Clausen


Oslo, Norway


2010 - 2022

Releases on Forwind Tones jul - FWD24

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