Philippe Petit

While ticking every single box required for being a musician or composer Philippe Petit prefers to frame his work as that of a 'musical travel agent'. This playful approach is obvious in his journeys through a vast array of styles and genres encompassing everything from post-classical experimentation to intricate electro-acoustics and rulebook scrapping DJ sets.

With the never-ending debate around choice, discipline and focus in the constantly shifting world of music technology Phillipe has done an admirable job of honing his skills in a methodical fashion while exploring multiple musical avenues.

His work has seen him perform, record and release music with an incredible list of collaborators including Lydia Lunch. Murcof, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Faust, Cindytalk, The European Contemporary Orchestra and many more. These collaborations have found homes on an extensive list of some of the best labels in the fringe business including Aagoo, Monotype, Staubgold, Dirter Promotions and Lumberton Trading Co. amongst a huge list of others that make for the most interesting of musical trips.

Whether you catch Phillipe live on his many travails around the world or just put the headphones it's going to be fun exploring his 'ear-thrillin' psycho-film-noir ambiance’.


Philippe Petit


Marseille, France


2000 - 2024