Jeff Carey

Jeff Carey is a well established electro-acoustic composer and multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore, Maryland. As a member of SKIF++ and Office-R(6) as well as a solo artist releasing under 87 Central and his own name, his work has seen him released on a wide range of contemporary labels for the last 15 years - from Staalplaat and Rune Gramafon to appearances on a plethora of other labels such as Sonic Circuits DC.

During this time Jeff has been actively experimenting with bringing an intrinsic physicality to his live shows and music. As far removed from the press play ethos of so much electronic music as it is possible to be, his performances and productions bristle with the sound of a hands on, fully interactive approach to the music he generates via self built synthesis software, gaming keypad and a joystick.

This isn't a passive or sedate compositional process. His electronic compositions and their performance 'are the expressions of structural possibility where sound is elastic, non-linear, multi-dimensional'. Describing his instrumental approach as being nearer to free jazz meta-saxophone, the mixture of this sense of adventure with the sort of abrasive, industrial sounds he produces makes for a totally engaging and thrilling listen or if you are lucky enough to catch a show, see live.


Jeff Carey


Baltimore, MD, USA


1994 - 2023

Releases on Forwind [3:30] - FWD10

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