James O'Sullivan

Using a combination of feedback, conventional guitar techniques and instrumental preparations, London-based musician James O'Sullivan exploits the full sonic potential of electric guitar and amplifier, relating them meaningfully to the immediate physical environment.

His interest in improvisation, recording and performance has led him to record and perform across the UK and internationally, both solo and with numerous improvised music groups. More longstanding arrangements include Found Drowned, a trio with Pete Marsh and Paul May, Muster, a duo with Dan Powell and his collaboration with Thanos Chrysakis on several releases on the Aural Terrains imprint.

His debut solo album, feed back couple, was released on Forwind in 2011. His second solo album, IL Y A, is out now on Linear Obsessional.


James O'Sullivan




2005 - 2024

Releases on Forwind feed back couple - FWD02

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