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4th Page's music is improvised. Some of it sounds like it wasn't. Fragments of jazz, trace elements of the more experimental side of English folk and even Krautrock surface in a quietly intense music that floats effortlessly between dark, stretched songforms and impressionist abstraction.

Heralding mainly from London, Fourth Page came together informally in 2010. The members had played together in various combinations but not as a quartet.

Carolyn Hume and Paul May had played as a duo for the last ten years releasing five critically acclaimed albums on Leo Records, Peter Marsh and Paul May have played together in various groups as well as recently providing the live rhythm section for Petra Jean Phillipson. Charlie Beresford (known in the main for his solo work and studio production) came into the equation after a recent recording that he, Paul May and Duke Garwood made under the guise of Abdon Liberty.


fourth page




2010 - 2014

Releases on Forwind Along the weak rope - FWD05 Ticks and Moans - FWD08

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