Erik Levander

Swedish multi-instrumentalist Erik Levander gained attention as part of the new wave of young do-it-yourself laptop experimentalists arising in the early 00s.

His first major album 'Tonad' was released in 2004 by the Neon label. Run by the Neon Gallery in Brösarp, the contemporary art space and platform made its mark by managing to bring internationally renowned artists to its spaces in the countryside of southern Sweden.The Tonad album was an exploration of digital lofi aesthetics, with sensitive pop harmonies against untamed, rugged and primitive timbres.

Right after the release of Tonad, during his architecture studies in Copenhagen, Denmark, Erik began to work on the second album 'Kondens'. Sound wise it was partly a return to his pre-Tonad sound; a blend of acoustic and digital sound sources. For the songwriting a kind of non-concept was utilized. Each song was allowed to grow unrestricted in its own direction. The result is a diverse and dynamic journey. This well received album was released 2008 by the Rumraket label, run by the Danish band Efterklang.

With the initial stepping stones all in place Erik developed his brand of 'careful maximalism' with releases on Full of Nothing, Kosmisk Väg and most recently the superb 'Couesnon' on Katuktu Collective. Placing more emphasis on honing and crafting each release than releasing work with dizzying frequency, Erik's powerful sound of deconstructed and digitised clarinets,pianos and guitars will appeal to fans of big atmospherics with some real artistry and serious bite.


Erik Levander


Berlin, Germany


2000 - 2024

Releases on Forwind Inåt - FWD27

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