Conflux Coldwell

Michael C Coldwell is an artist and musician from northern England. His multimodal work explores noise, illusion and the notion of spectrality in sonic and visual recordings. He works as a photographer and media researcher at the University of Leeds, UK.

Coldwell is part of the Urban Exploration collective, and has a long history in electronic music stretching back to 2005, when he started DJing, releasing music under many different aliases over the years. Conflux Coldwell (CC) sees his musical output shift firmly into experimental ambient territory, and become a vital part of his ongoing interdisciplinary research into haunted media.

In 2017 Coldwell released AM, an album made entirely using broken radios. The work received critical support from Electronic Sound magazine, A Closer Listen, Analogue Trash, and The Wire, who described it as “everything hauntology could and should be in 2017.”

Alongside old AM receivers, Coldwell uses cassette tape loops, modified toy instruments, field recordings, sampling and digital processing of vintage media, to make his noise experiments and haunting soundscapes.


Conflux Coldwell


Leeds, UK


2005 - 2023

Releases on Forwind Angry Ambient Artists Vol.4 - FWD25

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