Attilio Novellino

Attilio Novellino was born in Catanzaro in Southern Italy in 1983. Since his first release in 2009, Attilio's approach to sound has focused on its use as a psycho-acoustic tool.

He has released several albums, solo works; "Through glass" (Valeot, 2012), "A conscious effort" (Midira, 2018) and collaborative works with Collin McKelvey, Rob Mazurek, Tim Barnes, Saverio Rosi and The Great Saunites.

In the early 2010s' Attilio featured on collective works and compilations focused on field recording and soundscape composition (Crònica, Oak, Dragon's eye recordings).

Attilio was part of the trio who received the Sonic Arts Award in 2013. The jury of PIARS composed of David Toop, Gunter Muller, Rhodri Davies awarded the first prize to Novellino/Panico/Rosi for the experimental music composition "Black sand".

Novellino has performed live sets at festivals across Italy, Europe and occasionally the US. He was invited to perform at San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (SFEMF) in 2018.

He is a member of the Luton duo with Roberto P. Siguera. Their debut album Black Box Animals was released by Lost Tribe Sound, 2018. They performed at Dni Muzyki Nowej Festival 2019 in Gdańsk.

June 2020 sees Attilio make his debut on Forwind with an attentively produced album of electronics and electro-acoustics, featuring a wide range of sound sources from grand piano to modular synths.

Attilio is currently conducting research on anarchism and power during his PhD in philosophy of law.


Attilio Novellino


Catanzaro, Italy


2009 - 2024

Releases on Forwind Strängar - FWD28

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