Atom Eye

Elsie Martins is a London based musician currently working under the alias Atom Eye. She takes raw elements of atonal field recordings and morphs them into compositions and rhythms - both dark and light, intense and subtle, whole and transient. A whole host of other sound possibilities are explored and arranged in her use of analogue tape loops, reel to reel machines, guitars, cellos, ambient drones and world percussion.

Elsie's live performances aim to capture the same sense of adventure and organic development as her productions. Atom Eye's live show consists of Elsie on guitar and analogue vintage tape / reel machines. Loops and reel are manipulated live, adding rhythms, effects & tonal changes to create textures & soundscapes. This organic, physical approach to both production and performance helps to strongly define and sculpt the warm whole sound she creates.

2012 saw the release of the cinematic Trilogy 120 EP. Drawing influences from film soundtracks, experimental music and sound art, TRILOGY 120 received strong reviews - 'superbly crafted explorations of dark worlds built around haunting loops of echo-drenched synths and distorted samples' (The Digital Fix) Elsie has continued to develop her compositional and production skills since with a years worth of magnetic tape manipulations and guest artist collaborations forming the basis of the follow up album due on Forwind late 2013.


Atom Eye


London, U.K.


2008 - 2023

Releases on Forwind The Otolith Sessions - FWD11

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