Anders Brørby

Anders Brørby is a Norwegian composer and songwriter, based in Oslo. He began his musical career as a co-founder of the progressive psychedelic rock band "Radiant Frequency", which released two albums between 2004 and 2016.

In 2014 he released his first solo album "You were there with me”. This album saw Anders break into new musical territory with a different stylistic approach, inspired by his passion for electronics and noise. Since then he has released a series of stylistically different solo albums, from progressive synth pop to pure experimentation with sound. Anders largely eschews live performance for pure studio work which shows in his expertly crafted productions for labels like Gizeh Records, Land Animal Tapes and Katuktu Collective.

"Traumas" is his 7th solo album, the first since last year's well received ambient release with Rune Clausen, "Mannen Faller", which saw the two producers create a powerful ode to the Norwegian woodland. Traumas is a continuation of the divergent ambient works of previous solo albums like "Nihil" and "Phoenix Down", mixing ambience of the subtle and harsh variety with beat-based pieces and acoustic instrumentation.


Anders Brørby


Oslo, Norway


2004 - 2024

Releases on Forwind Traumas - FWD21

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