Featured Releases

FWD11:The Otolith Sessions

Recorded and produced over a full year, The Otolith Sessions is a brooding journey through the careful and beguiling results of Atom Eye's contemporary take on the compositional possibilities of vintage equipment.


Originally released as a triple EP concept series winter 2016, Triptych sees the Credence, Decadence and Concession EP’s merged into an oft requested full physical release which includes a new composition ‘Coda’.

FWD09:North Palace

North Palace (Forwind) is the sound of ambient drift and temporal collapse, carried through the white noise of a light-weighted needle tracking a phonograph groove at slow speed...The effect is muzzy and narcotic... Dalston Sound


This trio has done well to exercise restraint, to suggest rather than to show. In using this technique, they imitate the best directors, who create tension without resorting to shock... - Richard Allen - A Closer Listen