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FWD01:Seven months in E minor

Seven Months In E Minor is a record which unveils its profound beauty with great care, and requires a level on commitment to fully appreciate its depth. - themilkfactory


Sonnamble’s approach is an intellectual one, with melody and rhythm alien concepts. Yet these ambient, floating, minimalist soundscapes still have the ability to emote... - Wyndham Wallace - BBC Music


This trio has done well to exercise restraint, to suggest rather than to show. In using this technique, they imitate the best directors, who create tension without resorting to shock... - Richard Allen - A Closer Listen


Dense layers of sound, morphing acoustics and chugging industrial rhythms. Two years in the making, Credence is the first in a trilogy of epic and dynamic new EP’s by Tomonari Nozaki, all produced in-house by Shane.