Featured Releases


Originally released as a triple EP concept series winter 2016, Triptych sees the Credence, Decadence and Concession EP’s merged into an oft requested full physical release which includes a new composition ‘Coda’.

FWD08:Ticks and Moans

Recorded in front of an audience in the beautiful acoustic of St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch. Our second Fourth Page release is a darkly atmospheric mix of improvised song and texture that is their best work so far.

FWD18:Wisconsin Mining State

This industrial ambient piece of work paints a barren windswept landscape, ravaged by a long winter sensing the emerging Spring ahead.

FWD01:Seven months in E minor

Seven Months In E Minor is a record which unveils its profound beauty with great care, and requires a level on commitment to fully appreciate its depth. - themilkfactory