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Forwind is happily and relievedly at the end of the 'find-a-new-distributor' process! We have put pen to paper with State51 who ticked all the boxes for us when it came to the nitty gritty of getting our catalog the best online outlets and experimental music exposure possible. These things are obviously hugely important when you are trying to pop your head out from underneath the absolute deluge of new music that is released every week. And even more so when you are not exactly releasing music that is going to trouble the charts.... if they still exist! As a result of the above we can now finally announce release dates for our next three albums: James O'Sullivan's 'feed back couple', Elvers - 'Elvers' and Clang Sayne - 'Winterlands' will all be released on May16th and available to buy through boomkat , itunes, amazon etc. Will update soon with further details about the releases including availability of physical formats.