Posted by Shane on October 5, '18

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Forwind kicks off 2018 with the return of the Angry Ambient Artists series. The third volume sees Canadian / European duo African Ghost Valley and Vienna based sound artist and video director Billy Roisz make their series and label debuts. The first time pairing come storming in with a set of tracks that take the series mischievous ambient theme to either its most far-fetched and inappropriate, or most obvious and logical place yet, depending on where your loyalties lie.

Check out the glowing report from BADD PRESS

'Forwind’s burgeoning Angry Ambient Artists series can be seen in this light. Despite its playful name, it is less a response to the mainstream of ambient music than it is a part of where the real action is.

This third volume in the series features three tracks from African Ghost Valley, a duo featuring Childe Grangier and Gabriel Ghebrezghi. Billy Roisz provides a fourth track. These recordings are all imaginative and beautifully produced.

“OC 154 T” is the best of the three from African Ghost Valley. The distortion effects are stunning. Five and a half minutes of raw power, finally wrapping with what sounds like the end of your sound system (if not the world).

Roisz’s contribution slams us with wave after wave of static and distorted ambient sound. There is so much going on here that we’re drawn further in with each new sound. Over the course of its 13 minutes, the piece renews itself repeatedly. It’s a tremendous work.'

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